Discount up to 15%
on equipment
for It companies

Additional tasks
For your customers
For realization
of IT-Solutions

Conditions available for all partners

We are searching for partners all across EU. Therefore partnership program is made. We are interested in loyal clients so we offer special conditions of partnership for new equipment as well as for refurbished. We can support with any questions you and your clients. Whenever industry you are in, we can offer good solutions. Just make request for partnership program.

Request partnership program


5 year warranty

For new or refurbished equipment. Without any extra payment and conditions.


Any configuration

New or refurbished equipment for any tasks. You can choose already completed equipment or configure by your own.



For all partners — dynamic discounts from 7% on all refurbished equipment.


Free shipping

Shipping across EU for free.


Chance to change your mind

You can return any equipment within 30 days withouth explaining the reason. And we will refund the money.


Assistance in selling

We offer training materials in promotion and selling equipment.

Choose server

Only tested or actual equipment of HP, Dell, Lenovo brands. Before calculating price for refurbished equipment don’t forget to exclude from 7% to 15% from price. Also you can configure your dream server.


Special conditions for IT partners

For IT company’s we can offer special conditions for partnership : dynamic discount system as for new equipment and as for refurbished. We can support with any questions from you and your clients with many conditions of payment, which includes unique conditions of leasing.
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Central office in EU, Lithuania, Vilnius

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Know us better

We work in all EU countries. Our experience enables us to set new standards not only for quality of refurbished equipment, but also for quality of service: we will assist you in selection of equipment, deliver it, and provide post-sale support.

Every company has its own story
Check our story

Refurbished equipment is currently trending around the world. Apple, Sony, etc. are also engaged in the sale of restored equipment.

let's calculate

Send specification of required equipment or describe your tasks, which they must solve. We will send many variants of solutions in a hour.

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