Special conditions
for retail

Discounts up 
to 7% for refurbished
Not limited consultations
for selection of equipmant and service
Different payment ways

Conditions, which are available for all

We are searching for partners all across EU. For that reason was created partnership program for it companies. This industry requires big resources, that’s why we are interested in loyal clients and we are ready to offer special conditions of partnership : dynamic discount system as for new equipment as well as for refurbished. We can support with any questions from you and your clients with many conditions of payment. Are you working in outsource, with video surveillance systems or program developer, we can offer good solutions. For receiving partnership program make a request for it.

Request partnership program


5 years warranty

On all equipment. Without superfluous conditions and additional payments.


Any configurations

You can choose a ready solution or configure the equipment for your tasks. Do not know what to choose or do you have a question? The number of consultations is unlimited.


On site diagnostic

In case of problems, on-site server diagnostics. Number of requests unlimited.


Free delivery

In Europe, we ship from our warehouse in Vilnius, Lithuania.


Favorable terms of purchase

Any equipment can be rented or leased.


Moneyback within 30 days

On all equipment. Without superfluous conditions and additional payments.


Cooperate with all

We work with small shops, as well as with transnational networks. We will select favorable conditions and optimal equipment for any business.


New opportunities for franchise development

For all franchisees — additional discounts and agency fees.


in any data center

We can place the server in our data center or wherever you choose.


Select server

You can purchase both a ready-made solution and configure your ideal server. We sell exclusively actual models of brands HP, Dell, Lenovo. 7% discount for partners.

Select preconfigured Configure yourself

We offer a wide range of
HPE and DELL models of servers
for a variety of tasks.

Warehouse-1 Warehouse-2 Warehouse-3

Central office in EU, Lithuania, Vilnius

View on map

Our servers are not second-hand

They are like new and even better, with all the advantages: a 5-years warranty, free shipping, round-the-clock support and resolution of any problems onsite.

Select server

What you need
to know about us
in brief

We work in all EU countries. Our experience enables us to set new standards not only for quality of refurbished equipment, but also for quality of service: we will assist in selection of equipment, deliver it and make post sales support.

Every company has its own story
Check our story

Refurbished equipment — the current trend in the world. Apple, Sony etc. are engaged in the sale of restored equipment.

Why wait?

When you can become a partner right now. Just leave a request. Additionally, you can immediately calculate the price for server hardware. To do this, send a specification or describe the tasks that it should do.

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