DELL PowerEdge™ T430 Server

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Form factor Tower (5U rackable)
Dimensions and weight Tower
H: 430.3 mm (17.04 in); with foot 443.3 mm (17.45 in); with
wheel 471.3 mm (18.55 in)
W: 218 mm (8.58 in); with foot 304.5 mm (11.98 in)
D (without bezel): front to rear wall 542.2 mm (21.33 in); front
to PSU handle 578.42 mm (22.77 in)
D (with bezel): front to rear wall 558.6 mm (21.99 in); front to
PSU handle 594.82 mm (23.41 in)

H: 218mm (8.58 in)
W: 430.3mm (16.94 in) without ear; 482.40mm (18.99 in)
with ear
D (minimum): 538.4 mm (21.2 in) from rack ear back side to
chassis rear wall
D (maximum): 584.05mm (22.99 in)
Processors Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4 product family
Chipset: Intel C610 series chipset
Processor sockets: 2
Internal interconnect: Two QPI links at 9.6 GT/s
Cache: 2.5MB per core; core options: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14
Memory 12 DIMM slots: 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB DDR4 up to 2400MT/s
I/O slots Support for up to 6 full height slots: 4 x PCIe 3.0, 2 x PCIe 2.0
RAID controller Support for a maximum of 1 internal controller and 1 external controller PERC H730, PERC H730P and PERC H830
Network controller 2 x 1GbE LOMs
Hard drives SAS, SATA, nearline SAS, SSD
Communications Broadcom® 5720
Power supply 495W, 750W, 1100W PSU; 450W cabled non-redundant PSU
Availability Hot-plug drives bays; high-efficiency, hot-plug, redundant power supply units; fan redundancy; extended thermal support; Dell faultresilient memory; Internal dual SD modules 
Systems management Systems management:
IPMI 2.0 compliant; Dell OpenManage
Essentials; Dell OpenManage Mobile; Dell OpenManage Power

Remote management:
iDRAC8 with Lifecycle Controller,
iDRAC8 Express (default), iDRAC8 Enterprise (upgrade), 8GB
vFlash media (upgrade), 16GB vFlash media (upgrade)

Dell OpenManage Integrations:
• Dell OpenManage Integration Suite for Microsoft System
• Dell OpenManage Integration for VMware® vCenter®

Dell OpenManage Connections:
• HP Operations Manager, IBM Tivoli® Netcool® and CA
Network and Systems Management
• Dell OpenManage Plug-in for Oracle® Database Manager
Rack support All configurations support rackable, except the 3.5" x 4 cabled chassis configuration
Optional supported hypervisors Citrix® XenServer®
VMware vSphere® ESXi™
Red Hat® Enterprise Virtualization
Operating systems Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
Novell® SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server
Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Dell EMC PowerEdge T430 is a two-processor general-purpose U5 tower server. As an option, it can be mounted in a rack (except for 4 × 3.5 configuration). Tower servers run more quietly than rack-mounted servers and are more scaleable, though not that dense and compact. Dell markets the server as an SMB and ROBO solution. T430 is suitable for many office tasks: storage, processing, transfer of data, application software, 1С, printing, e-mail server, “one server — one task” connection, and many others.


Dell EMC PowerEdge T430 is a medium-priced tower server for a wide variety of SMB tasks. Thanks to 5U body, T430 can be modified and adapted to your growing business needs. For that, Dell Technologies engineers gave T430 the following characteristics:

  • Support of two Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 or v4 (up to 22 cores) processors,

  • Up to 12 DDR4 slots, RDIMM and LRDIMM support, up to 2400 MT/s, up to 256 GB with one processor and up to 384 GB with two processors,

  • Support of PCIe 2.0 and PCIe 3.0 standards with ability to scale to 2 × PCIe 2.0 (x1/x4) and 4 × PCIe 3.0 (x8/x8/x16/x16);

  • Support of various network parameters:

    • 2 RJ-45 × 1 Gbps — standard,

    • 2 RJ-45 × 1 Gbps — option,

    • 4 RJ-45 × 1 Gbps — option,

    • 2 RJ-45 × 10 Gbps — option,

    • 2 SFP+ × 10 Gbps — option.

  • Hot-swappable disks and various bins:

    • Up to 16 × 2.5 SATA/SAS/NL-SAS/SATA SSD,

    • Up to 8 × 3.5 internal/SATA/NL-SAS (2.5 SAS and SATA SSD are installed via the adapters),

    • Up to 4 × 3.5 internal/SATA (non hot-swap)/NL-SAS.

  • 1 × GPGPU double-width or 2 × GPGPU single-width can be installed in PCIe 3 or 5 (only for two-processor systems) as an option,

  • Support of 1 external and 1 internal RAID controller: PERC H330, PERC H730, PERC H730P, and PERC H830 main bus front end adapter,

  • Supply units:

    • Hot-swappable: 495W, 750W, 1100W PSU,

    • Cable-connected: 450W.

Control and automation

Dell T430 supports iDRAC 8 Basic out-of-the-box technology: it is a proprietary implementation of IPMI 2.0 protocol to control the server as if it is right in front of you. Fee-based Enterprise and Express level license includes additional functionality.

Dell OpenManage to easily control equipment and automate routine processes.

OpenManage Essentials to save system administrators' time spent on implementation, update, monitoring and maintenance of IT infrastructure. You can centralize control and decrease labour payment expenses.

IDRAC Quick Sync technology with wireless NFC module and OpenManage Mobile app to get important notifications and monitor and control the server using your smartphone.

S for Safety

Dell T430 is based on Dell Technologies cybersecure architecture. The server receives firmware updates and security patches during its whole lifecycle. That's why your system administrator can reliably implement critical business processes and cybersecure them.

  • Secure logistics ensure that the server will travel from the manufacturing plant to the end-client safely,

  • Motherboard cryptographic signature ensures your data is secure,

  • Cryptoprocessor (TPM 2.0) installed in a motherboard chipset is available as an option,

  • System Erase function to remove all data (including cache and logs) from any drives (HDD, SSD, system memory) remotely, quickly, and securely. Thanks to that, you can reset the server to factory settings, dispose it or sell it on the secondary market without any risks of confidential data leak,

  • Software and hardware RAID controllers.
from €1 044.–
Free 5-years ProSupport warranity
Free shipping asross EU
Rent with purchase or leasing
30 days moneyback

DELL PowerEdge T430 Server

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