It's practical to lease
IT equipment

Lease new and refurbished equipment
from 500 euros
You can acquire both new and refurbished equipment by leasing.
Minimal order ammount — 500 euro
Special conditions for high volume purchases of equipment.
Not sure about your financial capabilities? Leasing company has doubts? We agree on buyback condition. That solves most of problems of that kind.

Benefits of leasing of equipment


Decrease financial burden

For the modernization of IT infrastructure it is not necessary to allocate significant funds at a time.


Saving working capital

Leasing helps you to save your working capital. You have not to invest all your money, you need for your day-to-day operations.


5 year warranty on hardware

We are giving warranty for new and refurbished hardware. Without tricks and hidden conditions.


We will help to find optimal solution

Depending on your budget we will help to find optimal conditions to receive a leasing, will make high volume discounts or buyback agreement if necessary.

Leasing calculator

Calculate the amount of downpayment and monthly payments.

Cost of equipment, including VAT, euro.
100 000
Special conditions for high volume purchases of equipment.
Leasing period
Total amount of the transaction, including downpayment.
### ###
(30% of the total transaction amount)
### ###
Monthly payment
### ###

How it works?


You approve configuration and cost with our specialist.


You make leasing inquiry, we prepare list of required documents you have to provide for us.


After approval, an agreement is concluded between your company and the leasing company, the downpayment is made.


After receiving downpayment, the equipment is prepared and send to you.

special conditions
for high volume purchases
of equipment

Get special offer

List of

To receive leasing offer firs of all you have prepare your company's registration, Balance sheet and Profit (loss) account.

If a leasing company will need more data or documents we will contact you immediately, just leave your valid phone or e-mail address.

Still have any questions?

Order a call back and our specialists will answer all of them

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