DELL PowerEdge™ R420 1U Server

from €351.–
Free 5-years ProSupport warranity
Free shipping asross EU
Rent with purchase or leasing
30 days moneyback
from €351.–
Free 5-years ProSupport warranity
Free shipping asross EU
Rent with purchase or leasing
30 days moneyback

DELL PowerEdge R420 Price

HDD Type
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DELL R420 Technical specifications

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Processor type One or two Intel Xeon processors E5-2400 and E5-2400 v2 product family
Bus type PCI Express Generation 2 and 3
Expansion slots using riser card: Riser 1 - (Slot 1) One half-height, half length x4 link (for single
processor) or One half-height, half length x16 link (for
two processors)
Riser 2 - (Slot 2) One full-height, half-length x16 link
Memory Architecture 800 MT/s, 1066 MT/s, 1333 MT/s, or 1600 MT/s DDR3
registered, unbuffered or load-reduced Error Correcting
Code (ECC) DIMMs
Support for advanced ECC or memory optimized

Memory module sockets Twelve 240-pin

Memory module capacities

RDIMMs 2 GB (single-rank), 4 GB (single- and dual-rank), 8 GB
(dual rank), 16 GB (dual-rank), and 32 GB (quad-rank)

UDIMMs 2 GB (single-rank) and 4 GB (single- and dual-rank)

Minimum RAM 2 GB with one processor
4 GB with two processors

Maximum RAM 192 GB with one processor
384 GB with two processors
Drives Hard drives
Four hard-drive systems Up to four 3.5 inch cabled hard drives Up to four 3.5 inch hot-swappable SAS, SATA, or Nearline SAS hard drives, or Up to four 2.5 inch hot-swappable SAS, SATA, SAS SSD, SATA SSD, or Nearline SAS hard drives

Eight hard-drive systems Up to eight 2.5 inch, internal, hot-swappable SAS, SATA, SAS SSD, SATA SSD, or Nearline SAS hard drives in hard-drive slots 0 through 7.
Connectors Back
NIC Two 10/100/1000 Mbps
Serial 9-pin, DTE, 16550-compatible
USB Two 4-pin, USB 2.0-compliant
Video 15-pin VGA
iDRAC7 One optional 1 GbE Ethernet
External vFlash card One flash memory card slot with iDRAC Enterprise card
iDRAC7 Enterprise license is installed on your

USB Two 4-pin, USB 2.0-compliant
Video 15-pin VGA

USB One 4-pin, USB 2.0-compliant
Internal Dual SD Module Two optional flash memory card slots with the internal
SD module


What is included in the 5-year warranty for the DELL PowerEdge™ R420 1U Server?

    The Servermall warranty includes:

  • Access on a 24x7 basis (including holidays) to the Servermall Customer Service and Support organization for troubleshooting assistance of Servermall Refurbished Servers and Associated Goods and select software issues.
  • 5 year warranty. In case of problem diagnostics or repair, we will do on the server installation site. For free.
  • On-site dispatch of replacement parts to the Installation Site or other mutually agreed upon Customer’s business location approved by Servermall to address a Product problem.

More about the warranty

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What are the terms of delivery of the DELL PowerEdge™ R420 1U Server?

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We provide an unlimited number of after-sales consultations. Our technical experts will help you solve all of the problems.



A warranty too huge for refurbished equipment? You might have thought we are crazy. We are not. We are just confident in our diagnostics and testing of equipment. In case something goes wrong: we will fix it. For free.

Our features
Complete testing
To be sure of the equipment, we provide you with warranty. That’s why all our equipment (even the new one) undergoes full diagnostics, testing, and component replacement.
Our features
Extreme testing
We load our equipment at full capacity with various utilities and software. Rest assured, the servers will last very long.
Our features
The components work at full capacity and are tested for several days. All questionable system elements are replaced with new ones.
Our features
Full testing of even new equipment
Our regulations imply the same testing for both used and new equipment. Besides, we also provide guarantee for new servers, in addition to the official ones.
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