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DELL Servers

DELL offers a wide range of server types to meet the needsof different businesses, from small offices to large enterprises, and fromsimple to complex IT environments. Here are some of the main types of DELLservers:

  • Tower Servers: These are standaloneservers that are designed to be installed on a desktop or a shelf. They areideal for small businesses or branch offices that require a simple, low-costserver solution.

  • Rack Servers: These are serversthat are designed to be mounted in a server rack. They are typically used indata centers or large enterprises that require a high-performance, scalable,and dense server solution.

  • Blade Servers: These are modularservers that are designed to fit into a blade enclosure. They are ideal forbusinesses that require a high-density server solution that can be easilyscaled and managed.

  • ModularServers: These are servers that are designed to be customized and configuredaccording to specific requirements. They offer a high degree of flexibility andscalability, making them a good choice for businesses that require a tailoredserver solution.

  • ConvergedInfrastructure: These are pre-configured server solutions that combine storage,networking, and compute resources in a single package. They are designed tosimplify the deployment and management of complex IT environments.

  • High-PerformanceComputing (HPC) Servers: These are servers that are designed to provide maximumcomputing power for scientific and technical computing applications. They areideal for industries such as oil and gas, financial services, and healthcare.


DELL is one of the leading manufacturers of servers in theindustry, and their servers offer a number of advantages, including:

  • Performance:DELL servers are known for their high-performance capabilities, which make themideal for demanding workloads such as data analysis, virtualization, and cloudcomputing.

  • Reliability:DELL servers are designed to be highly reliable, with advanced features likeredundant power supplies and cooling systems that help to minimize the risk ofdowntime and data loss.

  • Scalability:DELL servers are highly scalable, which means they can be easily upgraded andexpanded to meet the changing needs of a growing business. This makes them agreat choice for businesses of all sizes.

  • Flexibility:DELL servers are designed to be highly flexible, with a range of customizableoptions that allow businesses to configure their servers to meet their specificneeds.

  • Support:DELL provides excellent support for their servers, with a range of supportoptions that include online resources, phone support, and on-site support.

  • Energyefficiency: DELL servers are designed to be highly energy-efficient, which canhelp businesses reduce their energy costs and environmental impact.

DELL servers offer a range of advantages that make them a great choice for businesses looking for high-performance, reliable, and scalable server solutions.


DELL has released several generations of servers over theyears, including the 12th, 13th, and 14th generations. Here is an overview ofeach of these generations:

  • 12th Generation: The 12thgeneration of DELL servers was released in 2012 and is designed to providehigh-performance computing for small to mid-sized businesses. These serversfeature Intel Xeon processors and offer a range of storage and networkingoptions. Some of the popular models in this generation include the DELLPowerEdge R720 and R820 rack servers and the T620 tower server.

  • 13th Generation: The 13thgeneration of DELL servers was released in 2014 and is designed to offerimproved performance and efficiency over the previous generation. These serversfeature Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 processors and support up to 768GB of RAM. Someof the popular models in this generation include the DELL PowerEdge R730 andR730xd rack servers and the T630 tower server.

  • 14th Generation: The 14thgeneration of DELL servers was released in 2017 and is designed to offer arange of advanced features and capabilities. These servers feature Intel XeonScalable processors and support up to 3TB of RAM. They also offer improvedstorage performance and security features. Some of the popular models in thisgeneration include the DELL PowerEdge R740 and R740xd rack servers and the T640tower server.

Overall, each generation of DELL servers offers new andimproved features to meet the evolving needs of businesses.

How to choose

Choosing the right DELL server for your business can be acomplex process that involves several factors. Here are some key considerationsto help you choose the right DELL server:

  • WorkloadRequirements: Consider the type of workloads that the server will be used for,including virtualization, database management, web hosting, or otherapplications. Choose a server that meets the performance, capacity, andscalability requirements of your specific workload.

  • Processorand Memory: Look for a server with a powerful processor and ample memory toensure that it can handle your workload. Consider the number of CPU cores,clock speed, cache size, and the amount of RAM required for your applications.

  • StorageRequirements: Determine the storage capacity, speed, and reliability you needfor your applications. DELL servers offer a range of storage options, includingSAS, SATA, and NVMe drives, and different RAID configurations.

  • NetworkingCapabilities: Consider the networking requirements of your applications,including the number of network ports, the speed of the network interface, andthe support for advanced features such as virtual LANs (VLANs).

  • Manageability:Look for a server that is easy to manage and monitor, with tools such as DELLOpenManage that provide remote management capabilities and real-timemonitoring.

  • Supportand Warranty: Ensure that the server comes with a warranty that meets yourneeds. All our DELL servers come with 5-year warranty, including onlineresources, phone support, and on-site support.

  • Budget:Consider the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the server, including the upfrontcost, ongoing maintenance, and energy costs. Choose a server that provides thebest value for your budget.

By considering these factors, you can select the right DELLserver that meets the specific requirements of your business.

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