DELL PowerVault Storage Servers

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DELL EMC PowerVault storage servers

Storage servers are data storage systems, storage servers or storage arrays. Don't confuse them with SAN (Storage Area Network): SAN includes Storage Array.

Advantages of DELL EMC PowerVault

The main advantages of DELL EMC PowerVault:

  • Data decentralization and remote access. If your main computational servers fails, all the data will be kept on a storage server (that can be implemented anywhere around the globe), and the recovery will take less time,
  • RAID. Thanks to build-in logic and disk controllers, you can build RAID: this way you will improve efficiency and fail-safety of your system but reduce available capacity of drives on a server,
  • Caching. Quick access to the most important and used data that is temporarily stored in a fast cache memory of a storage server (similar to RAM),
  • Many disks equals lots of memory. Standard 2U DELL storage servers fit 24 SFF (2.5’) and 12 LFF (3.5’) disks — that is more than in any other server of the same size. Besides, bigger models (such as DELL ME5084) fit 84 LFF drives. And you don't need to buy all disks at once: you can install them later as required.

Any DELL EMC server equipment, including PowerVault line, greatly improves performance indicators of your company. This is more than a tool — this is a business opportunity. You can select a DELL storage server for any task, budget and infrastructure.

Generations of DELL PowerVault servers

Current gen storage servers DELL PowerVault ME5 are devices with huge potential for the future: they are advanced, reliable and meet the most demanding requirements by 150%. We also offer past gen DELL PowerVault ME4: those cost less but are good enough for tasks of small companies, branches, small, medium and even enterprise businesses.

Form factors and characteristics of DELL EMC PowerVault

The current generation of DELL PowerVault ME5 consists of three models — cost-effective, balanced and highly effective:

  • DELL ME5012 (2U, bin 12 LFF, Intel Xeon, one or two controllers 16 GB each, up to 264 drives with disk shelves ME412, ME424 or ME484),
  • DELL ME5024 (2U, bin 24 LFF, Intel Xeon, one or two controllers 16 GB each, up to 276 drives with disk shelves ME412, ME424 or ME484),
  • DELL ME5084 (5U, bin 2×42 LFF, Intel Xeon, only two controllers 16 GB each, up to 336 drives with disk shelves ME412, ME424 or ME484).

The past gen of DELL PowerVault ME4 also consists of three models:

  • DELL ME4012 (2U, bin 12 LFF, Intel Broadwell-DE, two controllers 8 GB each, up to 264 drives with disk shelves ME412, ME424 or ME484),
  • DELL ME4024 (2U, bin 24 LFF, Intel Broadwell-DE, two controllers 8 GB each, up to 276 drives with disk shelves ME412, ME424 or ME484),
  • DELL ME4084 (5U, bin 2×42 LFF, Intel Broadwell-DE, two controllers 8 GB each, up to 336 drives with shelves ME484).

How to select a DELL storage server and what to keep in mind

Firstly, DELL ME5 storage server with one controller doesn't support extensions shelves. Or maybe you need more disks than a built-in bin fits? Then you should consider two-controller models.

Secondly, disk shelves ME412/ME424 (2U) and ME484 (5U) can't be connected together. So, you have to choose: 

  • 2U server + up to 9 2U shelves
  • 2U server + up to 3 5U shelves
  • 5U servers + up to 3 5U shelves. 

I once again remind you to plan for at least 30% reserve. This applies to storage servers too. For example, several reserve disks will help to restore RAID when one of the storages fails and to prevent memory shortage when the load increases faster than expected. 

Thirdly, there are DELL servers with “xd” marking (for example, DELL R740xd): they are highly efficient and have a large capacity bin. Remember to check Spec Sheet files when you plan a server + storage server combination.


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