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HPE storage servers

HPE storage servers have the following advantages:

1. Amount of disks and memory. Storage systems have lots of drive slots, 12 LFF, 24 SFF in 2U housing are standard, but there are more capacitive ones,

2. Caching. Storage of service metadata in a very fast memory (comparable with RAM), as well as reuse of regular data from fast memory at a maximum speed,

3. Remote storage, access and automation. Just like any other server, a storage server can operate remotely in an automatic mode, and the data on it can be accessed via LAN or the Internet,

4. RAID and decentralization. Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) improves fail-safety, run time and/or data rate, while distributed data storage ensures independence from other devices.

These advantages help SMB companies achieve key performance indicators quickly and reliably. You can find HPE storage servers for your tasks and budget in the Servermall catalog.

Generations of Hewlett Packard Enterprise storage servers

Current gen storage servers HPE MSA Gen6 are advanced systems with remarkable functionality and great price/performance ratio. However, Gen6 will be too excessive for small companies. That's why we still offer past gen storage servers HPE MSA Gen5: they will be a good fit for your business tasks at a smaller price.

Lines and characteristics of HPE MSA storage servers 

HPE offers two disk array series:

1. HPE MSA is the main storage server series for small and medium businesses. It can also solve some enterprise business tasks. 

2. HPE 3PAR StoreServ is the series for the most demanding and extreme tasks. High consolidation, more than 3M IOPS and scalability from several TB to more than 20 PB.

The current generation of HPE MSA Gen6 consists of three models:

1. Budget-friendly HPE MSA 1060 (2U, 24 SFF bin, two controllers 12 GB each, up to 96 SFF drives or 24 SFF + 36 LFF with extension shelves 2U MSA 2060),

2. Balanced HPE MSA 2060 (2U, 12 LFF or 24 SFF bin, two controllers 12 GB each, up to 9 2U disk shelves for 24 SFF or 12 LFF),

3. Highly effective HPE MSA 2062 (2U, 12 LFF or 24 SFF bin, two controllers 12 GB each, up to 9 2U shelves for 24 SFF or 12 LFF, 2 × 1.92 TB Read Intensive SSD, Advanced Data Services suite license for additional functionality: Performance Tiering, 512 Snapshots per system, Remote Snap Replication).

The past generation of HPE MSA Gen5 also consists of three models:

1. Budget-friendly HPE MSA 1050 (2U, 24 SFF bin, two controllers 6 GB each, up to 96 SFF or 48 LFF drives with three extension shelves 2U MSA 2040 LFF and D2700 SFF),

2. Balanced HPE MSA 2050 (2U, 12 LFF or 24 SFF bin, two controllers 8 GB each, two controllers 12 GB each, up to 192 SFF or 96 LFF drives with seven extension shelves 2U MSA 2040 LFF and D2700 SFF), 

3. Highly effective HPE MSA 2052 (2U, 12 LFF or 24 SFF bin, two controllers 12 GB each, up to 192 SFF or 96 LFF drives with seven extension shelves 2U MSA 2040 LFF and D2700 SFF, 2 × 800 GB Read Intensive SSD, Advanced Data Services suite license for additional functionality: 512 Snapshots per system).

How to select an HPE storage server and what to keep in mind

The first rule of a reliable storage server is to add 30% to the required configuration. The reserve ensures that your storage server doesn't operate at 100% load and doesn't fail when the load increases. Also, it provides for planned upgrades if you get additional users, applications and loads. Besides, reserve disks help restore RAID integrity without losing performance.
The second rule is to plan for at least 30% reserve. This applies to storage servers too. For example, several reserve disks will help to restore RAID when one of the storages fails and to prevent memory shortage when the load increases faster than expected.
The third rule is that you can expand your storage server by purchasing disk shelves. Shelves are devices that look like storage systems. However, they don't have an efficient controller that forms the basis for storage server logic and the shelves (if supported). Disk shelves are much cheaper and greatly increase the number of drives. Past gen shelves are not compatible with HPE MSA Gen6 storage server.


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